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Want your WordPress Website to be Faster? We can help you! 

The one time package doesn’t include licenses or support for plugins used. The ongoing package will include our high tier licenses to include support, updates and functionality. Note: Our site speed packages are currently only available on WordPress powered sites. 

Need SEO? Want to Rank Higher than your Competition on Google?

Why do I need a Blazing Fast Website?

Speed is the name of the game. It’s more important than ever to have a fast loading website


Rank Higher on Google

When Google is deciding where to rank a webpage it takes into account the speed and performance of the page. A faster loading page will be given precedence over a slower page. Obviously speed and performance isn’t the only deciding factor, but it is an important one. 

Higher Conversion Rates

Recent studies by Google suggest that for every second of load time conversions drop by 12% and another study suggests that one full second can decrease conversion rates by 70%! In a nutshell, a slow website can result in loss of sales and customers. A faster site means more potential profit.

Improved Usability – Happier Customers

According to Neil Patel 79% of web shoppers who have trouble with web site performance say they won’t return to the site to buy againImproving usability is important not only for profits but to maintain brand loyalty and keep your customers satisfied so they keep coming back. 


Why our clients love us

Wow. Finally a simple one stop solution to my website needs that is ACTUALLY GOOD! I just wanted someone to build me a good looking website that works. Surf Creative delivered and they continue to maintain my site too. I wish i’d found them earlier.

M.Tugce Secer

Bali Sultans

Having my site and SEO all in one place is great. I can have one point of contact and the monthly payment means I can plan my expenses better and I don’t have to find a lot of money all at once. Can’t recommend Surf Creative enough!

Joe Leech

Diet vs Disease

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my website slow?

A website can load slowly for many reasons but some of the main culprits are too many large images, poorly embedded videos and too many front end plugins. Not to mention needless CSS and Javascript. 

We will tackle all the main culprits for you and dramatically improve your sites speed. If you opt for the Super Sonic package we will guarentee you a grade A score on the most popular page speed tests or your money back.

Can I use this for my existing websites?

Yes, as long as you are using WordPress to power your website then you can use our speed service. You don’t have to have one of Surf Creatives web packages.

If you are using one of our web packages then you can use our speed service.

When I sign up, how does it work?

We will run tests using existing speed and performance tools such as GTMetrix, Google Audit, and Pingdom. The results will show what areas need work.

We will then login to your website and begin addressing these issues. We may have to access the FTP/Hosting but this will be no problem is you are using one of the Surf Creative website packages.

If you are using the service for a website hosted elsewhere then our website speed performance team will need your login details, don’t worry they will be secure.

How will you make my site faster?

We will run speed and performance tests on your website. Using the results we will determine what actions will need to be taken. We will then run through the list fixing each issue. On the Sonic Boom package we will tackle as many of the main issues as possible. The Super Sonic package will allow us more time to work on some of the more tricky issues.

We will analyse some of the plugins you are using and flag any that are problematic and offer suggestions that will improve the speed of your score.

How long does it take to make my website fast?

The Sonic Boom Package will give our speed and performance experts a set amount of time to solve as many issues as possible. Once completed you will have a faster and better performing site, there may still be some issues but you will notice the difference immedietly.

The Super Sonic Package is designed for ongoing speed and performance optimisation, this give our team more time to address some of the more complex issues and test multiple pages over time. This will ultimately result in better results than the Sonic Boom Package.

If I have a problem with speed can I contact you anytime?

We are here to help you to get your website to load as fast as possible. Our team will be happy to answer your questions, during standard U.K. office hours. 

If someone else works on my site will it affect the site speed?

If another developer adds plugins or content to your site there is a chance that the site will slow down. 

We can only work with what we have and cannot accept responsibilty for other developers working on your site.

We recommend using one of our Website Packages that way our dev team and our speed team can work together to ensure reliable and optimum results. 

Get the Support you Need

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They will help get you set up and answer any questions you may have about your website, SEO or site speed packages.